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Welcome to the CTFxC with Lots of love, Allie!



Made this short comic after watching the latest CTFxC vlog (We Need To Talk…) Hope ya’ll like it :)

WE are CTFxC

A billion more thanks to Charles, Alli, Zoey and Marley for this poster! This is unbelievably amazing of them!

the NEW CTFxC iPhone Cases are now available for Preorder at CTFxCMerch.com

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Anonymous asked: Is the P.O. Box still: Charles Trippy PO Box 20912 Bradenton, FL 34204? I'm not sure how updated the FAQ is. Thanks!

its still the address

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Congratulations CTFxC and to all of us on hitting 1,000,000+ Subscribers!! A MILLION, STRONGER THAN EVER!

Thanks, Doc!

who ever doctor did the surgery, you sir are a great true hero. thank you for getting rid of the brain slugs!



litvanilla asked: So crazy that he's 29.. Haha.. he's a immature but in a good way.. Truthfully they've kept me alive.

i know! he’s still that Charles back from 2005, like nothing has changed thru the years!

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